My name is Denise Palya. I’m the co-founder of Mindful Kindness. I’m from Albuquerque, New Mexico USA and from everywhere else.

The idea for Mindful Kindness came to me when I was eleven. I just wanted to hear less bad news about fear and hatred so I turned that around. I wanted more kindness, thoughtfulness and tolerance. Eventually I found it hard to believe that I was alone in that wish and hence the inspiration for this dream.

I chose necklace #77 today and am wearing it now. The original idea was for the necklaces to be passed along every two weeks but I’m planning to wait until it’s closer to the “official” launch on October 26th, 2016.

I have noticed that I’m looking around more for kindness – just because I have this necklace around my neck that I’m supposed to give away.

I never realized though how unique these pieces are though or how difficult it’s going to be to give it away. This is my plan though and I will.