Albuquerque, NM


I was in spin class and happened to notice the woman in front of me and slightly to my right seemed to be struggling with lower back pain. Following class she was stretching and I asked if her back was bothering her and if she might be open to me working on her a bit. Her eyes lit up (already such beautiful eyes) and said enthusiastically yes. We worked together to see if we might be able to relieve her discomfort. During our time she mentioned her dad being a chiropractor and all of a sudden I realized I had seen her at her dad’s office a few years ago. We had a quick conversation then as she was waiting for her dad and I was waiting for a friend who worked in the same office. We talked of hips and what resides there and how our left and right sides relate to our feminine/masculine sides. She mentioned a trying weekend that sort of turned her inside out just a little and perhaps that had contributed to her pain. It was a wonderful and fulfilling connection, both of us feeling better when we parted. She found me the following week to gift me this necklace. I am deeply touched. Women are so powerful and our feminine sides, in both women and men are demanding being recognized.