This dream was conceived in the hearts of our co-initiators Denise Palya and Kathleen Kunda…and in the hearts of all who
hearts_031secretly reach for a kinder world. They’d long wished to create an opportunity for people to embrace or grow into their innate kindness. You see, they believe that we all have kindness in our hearts to share but that sometimes our fear gets in the way. We’re nervous of how our kindness will be perceived, among other cultural implications that intimidate us from reaching out to each other for connection, for collaboration, and for kindness. Thus, we’ve slowly devolved away from our innate inclination to work together and help each other.


The Story

One day, pondering the ever-perplexing question we all ask ourselves when considering a long awaited dream, Denise and Kathy asked themselves, “What’s stopping us?!” After sifting through the misdirection of some negative thinking that commonly arises on the doorstep of one’s dreams, and distilling only the purest, hearts_007progressive, positivity they realized the wonderful truth. Nothing! Nothing was stopping them…and so, they set about designing a way to create the ideal environment for kindness to flourish. Realizing that mindfulness plays a huge role in making a change, they reached out to artist Kym Young to create the ‘medallion’ of Mindful Kindness. The MKM Heart necklace, reminds any wearer of their kinder side, helping them to be generally more mindfull of kindness. The necklace has several purposes in the movement, though. It not only reminds the wearer of their own kindness, but represents it. Its significance allows others to see that they’re in the presence of someone it’s “safe” to be kind with. The passing of the necklace commends, encourages, and reinforces kindness. Furthermore, being able to follow the kindness “vortex” that the necklace travels through
became a hugely rewarding benefit.** Now, with the process developed and three people’s dreams simultaneously actualized in the making, the Mindful Kindness Movement was born.