Katie, as we call her, hails from Southern California where you can be anything you want to and the weather never disappoints. Born and raised in the cultural melting pot of L.A. she discovered a passion for travel at a young age. Come twenty one years old you wouldn’t find her spending more than a year in any time zone straight through to the ripe old age of thirty.
Alongside collecting as many new experiences as she’s able, she’s passionate about creative writing and just about any ol’ artistic thing she can get her hands on. Learning about all the aspects of foreign cultures (present or past), meeting new people, and sharing her adventures with anyone who will come along are some of her favorite past times. When she was first introduced to the concept of the Mindful Kindness Movement she could already tell it was something she wanted to get involved with. Perpetuating kindness in the world? Um. Yes, please. Who doesn’t want to get behind that?!
You see, from sailing instructor to trapeze artist, flight attendant to special events entertainer, Katie had done and seen a lot… on three separate continents in ten different countries. She told herself that she’d had more than her fair share of wanderlust and gave herculean efforts to settling down and laying roots. But her roots just wouldn’t lay. The wind would blow and she’d find herself transported to a environment with new people, fresh learning opportunities and deliciously complex foreign perspectives. Or in the cases she didn’t “blow away” she’d find herself truly unhappy, under-challenged and stagnant feeling.
Enter Kathy at Mindful Kindness… and her talent of helping people to peg their passions and get straight to them. Mindful Kindness became a vehicle to a long awaited dream. It lead her to a creativity based career with ample opportunity to grow, explore, adventure and the best part? No zip code. Katie has embarked on her next colorful journey and she can’t wait to see who is coming with her. The next chapter is for all of us to create…