Though she technically came into this world by way of California, Kathy is as close to being a New Mexico native as a person gets without actually being born there. Reminiscing the summers of her youth, she still brims with the nostalgia of horseback riding, slalom skiing, and bikini-clad sunny afternoons. She knew it was only a short matter of time before she returned to lay roots in the place she had always most deeply connected with.
Now well-established in New Mexico, surrounded by the people and places that feel quintessentially her, she is empowered to bring her life’s dream to fruition. To say that Kathy is passionate about something…anything, is an understatement of gargantuan proportions. Kathy’s passion in life is passion itself. Her genuine nature calls her to help others discover their truest, most compelling desires and actively help carve a path to them. She strongly believes in sincerity, honesty and the power of the truest self.
“In this world you can truly be…in any capacity…anyone or anything you want to be.” This is her message to all people, from all walks of life.
Though you’d never know it now, she hasn’t always been in a situation that facilitated this breadth of perspective. Growing up she’d overcome a heartbreaking amount of discrimination, censure, and cruelty as a young lesbian who had affirmed and proclaimed that part of her identity at the age of eighteen. Fortunately, seeing everything as an opportunity to create change and growth, is one of Kathy’s most notable attributes. She met these challenges head on, sacrificing none of the love in her heart, sometimes patiently helping to bring understanding to those who criticized her. She emerged from that chapter of her life, self-affirmed with more strength of character than ever. She uses that strength today to empower others to accept themselves, embrace others, and chase their dreams.
She would like the world to live and act from kindness, instead of fear…to speak from the heart and not from hate. Her dream for Mindful Kindness is for everyone around the world to “have a heart”.
If everyone represents their kindness openly, the fear in the world from which hate and judgement are born will melt away.