Growing up in an era boasting an abundance of good music and hairspray, Denise found her way to destiny’s door the only way possible: by following her heart. Wildlife Enthusiast and Foreign-fusion Culinary Queen are two titles she carries proudly amidst a plethora of other life passions. While food and fun are important to her, however, Denise always makes time to support the three things she finds most vital to a fulfilling life: Peace,
Tolerance, and Awareness.
When she was younger she remembers a time when prejudice and war seemed to be around every corner. It was then that she learned of her unconditional love for the world, found her message, and the voice to deliver it. The message was this — she wanted all people, everywhere, to know that they were loved and that they could embrace their differences. She especially wanted to reach out to those who tended towards passing judgment upon cultural diversity, to greet them with open arms and a pure heart, so they might know the love she wished they would one day feel. Denise believes education is the road to a world that embraces togetherness without regard to race, politics, or other elements of our beautifully diverse planet. She hopes to see Mindful Kindness develop to make the world a safer, more loving place. Denise’s vision of future generations is one where our children reach out fearlessly to each other in benevolence with open minds and the open arms she’s been waiting with her entire life.