Heart # #435

Peggy Brask MN Heart # #435 I was lucky enough to meet Denise Palya and Kathy Kunda in Puerta Vallarta last year. We were having dinner and they were telling us about their new adventure of starting this business. They were both so kind and enthusiastic. It was a great dinner. At the end of the night, Denise took off her necklace and gave it to me. I have loved this necklace, it is so cool. But it is time for me to pass it on. I am going to Read more

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Heart #485

Amanda Quintana-Bowles Santa Fe, NM 485 My beautiful heart was gifted to me by a wonderful woman who is honest, brave and willing to move outside of her comfort zone. I wear my heart with gratitude, and await for the moment when it shall continue it's journey in kindness. <3

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Heart # 490

Dia LeAnnais New Mexico Heart # 490 I purchased my necklace at "A Brand New You" workshop in Santa Fe, NM, because I believe in the mission of spreading and sharing kindness. I hope this necklace travels far and wide and brings joy to whomever receives it along its journey.

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Tania Santa fe 468 Received this necklace from Denise one night at a networking event. She gifted it to me and now I'll wear it until i gift it to the right person

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Heart # 276

Tayloria Albuquerque Heart # 276 As a frequent traveler, I have been blessed to be shown kindness by others who often don't speak my native language. I believe if we are open, we will respect our differences, but also embrace our commonalities. I look forward to passing this on to someone special who I know shares a lot of kindness to many woman throughout the U.S.

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Janet Wahl Albuquerque, NM 320 Denise gave me this heart because I drew my own name in the door prize at Women Make a Difference gathering. I love this idea especially in these times. Can't wait to give it and order more for like-minded souls.

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Heart # 400

Debby San Diego CA Heart # 400 My heart was originally given to me by someone who stood by me through thick and thin. I hope that someday soon I will gift it to a person like that.

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Heart #178

Christy Halstead Abq, NM Heart #178 I brought this heart to one of the kindness people I have ever met. ELLEN in WV is a long time friend of my family, but no matter how long it's been since she sees you, she would give the shirt off her back if it would help.

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Heart #381

Sherri Carter New York, NY 381 This heart was purchased for my Office Administrator, Carol. She has been very kind and helpful coordinating my leave of absence at work. And when my workaholic self wanted to cancel due to my increased workload, she would not let me cancel! But that's just what she did for me.. overall, Carol is one of the kindest people out there. She works tirelessly rescuing animals and is starting her own shelter. I may not show it or say it often, but Thank You, Carol!

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Heart # 380

Sherri Carter New York, NY Heart # 380 This was purchased for my co-worker, Janice. She is relatively new to our firm and we had never gotten to know one another. One day I was feeling dizzy and Janice stopped me to ask about my health. Her mother had been diabetic, so I guess she recognized some of the signs with me. She took time out of her to talk to me and give me little pointers. A few days later, she sent me a box of bars to keep Read more

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