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Katherine Moxley

Katie, as we call her, hails from Southern California where you can be anything you want to and the weather never disappoints. Born and raised in the cultural melting pot of L.A. she discovered a passion for travel at a young age. Come twenty one years old you wouldn’t find her spending more than a year in any time zone straight through to the ripe old age of thirty. Alongside collecting as many new experiences as she’s able, she’s passionate about creative writing and just about any ol’ artistic thing Read more

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Kym Young

Kym’s story is a tale that grew like a beautifully gnarled tree, its roots dug deep in cultural influence and it’s branches reaching far out to the four corners of the country. Each twist of the trunk or turn of a branch represented an experience that helped sculpt her character and her art into what they are today. Growing up in a military family, Kym traveled frequently. She naturally developed the spirit of a wanderer. Every summer, however, was spent in New Mexico learning to identify artistically with her Indian Read more

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Kathy Kunda-Palya

Though she technically came into this world by way of California, Kathy is as close to being a New Mexico native as a person gets without actually being born there. Reminiscing the summers of her youth, she still brims with the nostalgia of horseback riding, slalom skiing, and bikini-clad sunny afternoons. She knew it was only a short matter of time before she returned to lay roots in the place she had always most deeply connected with. Now well-established in New Mexico, surrounded by the people and places that feel Read more

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Denise Kunda-Palya

Growing up in an era boasting an abundance of good music and hairspray, Denise found her way to destiny’s door the only way possible: by following her heart. Wildlife Enthusiast and Foreign-fusion Culinary Queen are two titles she carries proudly amidst a plethora of other life passions. While food and fun are important to her, however, Denise always makes time to support the three things she finds most vital to a fulfilling life: Peace, Tolerance, and Awareness. When she was younger she remembers a time when prejudice and war seemed Read more

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Heart # 77

My name is Denise Palya. I'm the co-founder of Mindful Kindness. I’m from Albuquerque, New Mexico USA and from everywhere else. The idea for Mindful Kindness came to me when I was eleven. I just wanted to hear less bad news about fear and hatred so I turned that around. I wanted more kindness, thoughtfulness and tolerance. Eventually I found it hard to believe that I was alone in that wish and hence the inspiration for this dream. I chose necklace #77 today and am wearing it now. The original Read more

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