Welcome to the Mindful Kindness Movement!

We’re having fun finding clever ways to help people,
support kindness, and inspire global change.
Join us!

How it works:

The MK Movement is  a worldwide call to all the kindness out there.

We originally began our quest for kindness to fulfill our own dreams of making the
world a kinder place.

At the time we encouraged kindness by gifting a heart-shaped necklace to others
(thanking them for their kindness) and watched as the heart necklace was gifted and re-gifted, traveling hand to hand across the country leaving a trail of kindness in it’s wake.

We are excited to say, that this process has caught on like a wild

We invite you to get involved.  Many hearts are making their way
across the world afloat on their own trails of kindness and you can
have one too!

Start a Heart HERE!

Wear It!

The heart is worn to help us be mindful of the opportunities to be kind in
our daily lives.  It also helps us be mindful of the kindness that surrounds
us each and every day.  It shows others that you are kind and that they
can feel comfortable being kind to you!

Live It!

Kindness is an action!  We are happy to help in anyway we can!
Whether volunteering time, donating funds, or creating awareness
MindfulKindness.org actively supports many causes for global good.

Love It!

We love what we do.  We hope you will too.  Once your heart is
registered at Mindfulkindness.org, just sit back and enjoy watching
your kindness in action as it travels all over the world.

Give It!

Thank somebody kind for making this world a better place by
passing the necklace to them.  Explain what Mindful Kindness is.
Explain how this gift will continue to give back to everyone who
briefly owns it.

Follow It!

Each necklace is unique, handmade and can be followed here at MindfulKindness.org.
Simply register the number on the back. Each heart’s journey shows the beauty
and benevolence in the world. Each heart shows your impact on your community, the
human race, and our planet. Start a few off in your hometown
and see how far they fly!

Start a Heart HERE!